BLH Nobel Instrument G4

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The G4 BLH NOBEL weighing instrument has a modular system that allows the weight or strength measurement per unit and a flexible configuration. The G4 instrument is available in two versions: G4 PM (panel mount on DIN rail) and G4 RM (rail mount on DIN rail). The first has a touch screen and a maximum of 8 modules, whereas the second owns a maximum of 3 modules. The G4 BLH NOBEL weighing instrument is suitable for all environments, even the most hostile ones, and it is used for weighing and control as weight transmitter or indicator, force measurement (including dynamic) and high speed batching and mixing systems.

Technical Specifications

Measuring range: ±7 mV/V (±4,5 mV/v version HSWF2)
Input sensitivity: 0.1 µV/count
Gain drift: < 10 nV/V/K/ 0 Drift ; < 2 Drift sban
Display: LCD backlighted 2x16 characters
Trasducer input voltage: 5 Vcc (card WFIN1 e WFIN2), 10 Vcc (card HSWF2)
Frequency signal acquisition: 3,9 ÷ 20 KHz
Storage temperature: -25 ÷ +85 °C
Filter: 1 ÷ 300 Hz (WFIN1, WFIN2) 6 ÷ 800 (HSWF2)
Logic output: Max 18 optoisolated
Logic input: Max 20 optoisolated
Serial port: 1 USB device + 1 RS232C + 1 RS485/Ethernet (Optional Fieldbus)
Power supply: 19 ÷ 29 Vdc - power consumption 40 W (115/230 Vac 40 W)
Regulatory compliance: EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-3 for EMC; EN61010-1 for Electrical Safety, EN45501 for metrology
Dimensions: G4 RM: 229x166x145 mm ; GA PMHE: 294x227x152 mm (LxHxP)


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